Artist Statement

My work reflects an appreciation of the Dutch Still Life painters of the 15th-16th century. The Vanitas painting tradition developed narratives around objects imbuing them with "vanities of life"; moral plays designed to help us consider the brevity of life. 

My aesthetic sensibilities are also shaped by an appreciation of the Surrealist painters of the early 20th century. Artists like Magritte, Di Chirico and Dali, all created sublime dream like visions that often took something familiar and made it strange and unsettling. These artists created artworks that challenged the viewers sense of perception and questioned reality.

Having worked as a scenic artist in the film industry I had the opportunity to create backdrops, signage and scenic treatments that have ultimately shaped my process as a practicing artist.


I like puns and clever word play,

.....growing up with "Little" as a last name you learn to appreciate double meanings ...and the elusive nature of language.



Recent Exhibitions (solo)

2015 New Work - Darrel Bell Gallery - Saskatoon SK

2014 Sweet Tooth - Slate Fine Art Gallery - Regina SK

2011 Moving Pictures - Nouveau Gallery - Regina SK

2009 Boomtown - Nouveau Gallery - Regina SK

2006 Heartlands - Nouveau Gallery - Regina SK

2004 Metered Muse - Susan Whitney Gallery - Regina SK

2004 Action Figures - Dunlop Art Gallery Sherwood Village - Regina, SK

2002 New Work - Susan Whitney Gallery - Regina, SK

2002 Summer Works - Finer Things Art Gallery - Nashville, TE

2002 Deep Prairie - Michael Lyons-Weir Gallery - New York, NY

2001 New Blood - Finer Things Art Gallery - Nashville, TE

2000 Sightings - Gwenda J Addington Gallery - Chicago, IL

1999 Once Upon A Time - Profiles Public Art Gallery - St. Albert, AB

1999 Billboards, Banners and Bulletins - Susan Whitney Gallery - Regina, SK

1999 Jefferson Little - Narrative Paintings - Lyons-Wier Gallery - Chicago, IL


Recent Exhibitions (curated)

2016 There is An Artist in the Garden- OSAC touring exhibition - Saskatchewan -


2014 Saskatchewan- Blackall Studios - London, UK / Sala Rekalde, Bilbao, Spain

Adrian Stimson curator

2014 Wild Thing- Creative Saskatchewan Lightbox Gallery - New York, NY -

Michael Hosaluk curator

2005 Chasing Amnesia- Mackenzie Art Gallery - Regina, SK -

Helen Marzolf curator    

2004 Making It Like a Man - Mackenzie Art Gallery - Regina, SK -

David Garneau curator    

2003 Lodestar - Kenderdine Gallery University of Saskatchewan - Saskatoon, SK -

Kent Archer curator

2001 Dialogue - Rosemont Art Gallery - Regina, SK

Karen Schoonover-curator

2000 Generation Next - Rosemont Art Gallery - Regina, SK -

Jack Anderson-curator


2010 Saskatchewan Roughrider Commemorative commission

2005 Saskatchewan Arts Board - Centennial Sculpture Commission